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November 23, 2019

13-1176 Kahukai Street
Pahoa, Hawaii  96778

Cost: $45
Time: 11:00 to 5:00

Ho’oponopono is an ancient tradition of creating balance and harmony in the relationship among your three selves—the union of the evolving selves of your past, present and future--your Identity. Holding the beginning of you and the infinite of you at the same time—the whole of you. As a sensation, it's the moment of standing on a surfboard pa’a with the fluidity of the water element and in communion with the energy that is the force of the wave. It’s pono. Rightful.   Ho’oponopono is not a religion; it’s a spiritual practice. While forgiving and reconciliation is a set of skills from ho’oponopono, the vast and timeless expression is to remain in alignment with the agreement humanity committed to at the beginning of time.  
At that crack of the first dawn in this new universe of Male and Female--spark and space, Ku and Hina—we stood before the creators of this new infinite, and proclaimed “I am IN.”  We had all come from other universes for the opportunity of being in a universe where discovery rules and "what if?" motivates.  We became a fabric of light, each of us holding a thread of intention and together weaving the story of love prevailing all trauma. We accepted responsibility for our unique capacity to transmute negative energy into positive energy, and we committed to forever learning how to co-create manifesting love from nothingness and space. 

Like most lucky Hawaiians, I got my ho’oponopono from my Grandpa, Harry Uhane Ekau Jim, of the Kaimikaua ‘ohana of Maui and Molokai. I also had TuTu Moki Mano’i, ‘ohana of Kalaheo, Kauai. They were my babysitters. Dad and Mom both worked back in the early 60s all the time, so on summer off and Catholic school holidays, I was entrusted to their company and entertainment! They challenged me by sharing skills men have…setting bird traps, cleaning lohi, working the taro in Hanapepe, and collecting medicine plants at the old heiau, our sacred spaces.  

Neither men used that word, ho’oponopono….It’s become a catch-all concept representing the missing cultural behavior of the colonizers—the relationship skills to create safe change. Some Hawaiians knew this form of ho’oponopono as closing a circle while staying in your own orbit, Huki. 

Both men held Ku-Hina as their whispered lineage. The universe is made of two, the spark of male and the space of female.  All life, all vibration--everything--is in this truth. Grandpa and Tutu Moki were both Mormon, and both shared lives, at different times, with Catholic women. They spoke of a big difference between their religion and their spiritual practice. With sweet humor, Grandpa explained it this way:  

“Went on a hike to the top of hill. A park, rest, and view. There, on a huge round flat rock, was this old man. Half his teeth, nearly half his youthful size, not much of his hair, and childishly laughing straight at me. ‘What’s the difference between a spiritual man and a religious man?' he poked with a strong voice!  I gave him a solid ‘I don’t know!'  ‘Ha ha,' he said. ‘A religious man works his life to avoid hell. A spiritual man has been there, done that, and moved on.'”  

Tutu Moki was lame from his left leg--the “Pearl Harbor war.” Undaunted, he used a stick to go slow and all over the forest. He was a still man. Uncle Mano’i, as he was known, had a story about Hawaii's first mother and father.  

On the island of Kauai, on the southwestern rim of the Lihue Depression is Mount Kahili, a huge peak with a flat field about 70 yards wide at the top. It is here that the first man and woman lived. They too had lived in a heaven on earth, but unlike Adam and Eve they were not chased out for unworthiness. They decided to leave Eden to explore the unknown. Ku and Hina were clear that nothing would follow them out of heaven—no animal, no plant, no bird, no insect. Everything was already in heaven outside. Together, they seeded Aloha everywhere. 

Divine breath connects us and brings us love in our relationships with all. Aunty Margaret Machado said Aloha means “the Breath of God is in our presence.” Finding our common source of harmony can afford your Identity safe change, purposeful orbit of service transmuting negative into positive and engaging Aloha’s Illumination. May we all share Ho’oponopono: love prevails all trauma.  

Thank you for sharing your Aloha with us!



MAY 22-25, 2020

Edinburgh, SCOTLAND


    Enter into the realm of Lomilomi, the traditional Hawaiian Approach to bodywork.Lomilomi holds the premise that body, mind and spirit (trinity) participate in its evolution - healing.
The work creates a temple…a sacred space... a connecting space... A safe space place
for the body’s consciousness (the emotional body). Access for support and
communication to the emotional body is in the HA - the breath. The opportunity for healing is
the convergence of time, space, and will. It is incidental, coincidental, and serendipitous.
Lomilomi grants portal to this Process. We are empowered by and centered on authenticity,
creating the momentum of ease  and grace to navigate healing.
cleaning the skin of the bone (periosteum),  causing the release of memory and corresponding physical and emotional pain.
PO’O (head) --
clearing binds on the cranial bones to accommodate movement of skull in rhythm with the breath.
causing space in the body using gravity and breath.
traditional healing technique to  active prayer using “prepare, perceive and procreate.”
HA ( breath) -
combining the skills of bone washing and breath coaching we are tooled to heal towards freedom from constriction.
We will learn by doing “laying of hands” an ancient Hawaiian
healing practice in which everybody is enough, everyone
participates. We gather in a cluster of like-minded healers holding
the common intention for one person’s well being.

E’ KOMO MAI  Come connect with your power to heal!

KA LA HUI  (Gathering of the Light Bearers)
February 18-27, 2021

Halau Uhane in Pahoa, Hawaii

Cost: $2650

The lifestyle of Lomi Lomi healing and teaching is supported and fed by your rooted identity.
Being a light bearer of Lomi Lomi medicine is to have achieved mastery over the
skills, tools, and thought processes that manifest the opportunity for receivers to receive the love of light to heal.   Ka La Hui is a group of 10 to 14, who will meet  to give themselves the space of shared intention achieving Self Mastery with the tools, thought processes, and skills of lomilomi Healing.

Syllabus may include
Emancipation of the vow bone washing shape shifting with thought processes Ha Breath Medicine Applications for the authority of your soul Sound as medicine skill building for  activating  healing paradigms: creating space, reflection, unification and trance states of grace. Tri-unity energy to break polarity belief systems Generating inclusiveness  Defining and shaping the energy of your thoughts

Sila and I  With lots of help and helpers are  creating a cluster of ascending apprentice achieving awareness of creating their own reality. There are only 14 spaces available.  Mastery of this Work requires sequestered incubation. It is a residential program .   Because there are only 14 seats at this Gathering, there is a pre-course interview before a deposit is accepted. Interviews may be scheduled by email or phone. Please read "Wise Secrets of Aloha" before applying.
Harry Uhane Jim.

for all workshops with Halau Uhane

All Deposits are non refundable


If you cancel before 30 days of the event.

1) a 50% credit can be applied to any future events or personal healing sessions

2) All deposits and tuition credits are transferable to friends or family for personal sessions or training with Halau Uhane


If canceling last minute no credits or refunds of any kind will be given.
20 days or less.

Payments are now available on-line through our secure payment system