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Twenty Five Things I Carry,  by Harry Uhane Jim

1. What my family or friends think of me is none of my business. Their journey is beyond my mind's vision. We  hare intersections, we do not converge our sovereignty.

2. The best meal I've ever had was in childhood. Fresh picked half ripe guava dipped In  a soup  of vinegar, soy sauce and sugar with a dash of Hawaiian sea salt plus flakes of black pepper.

3. Got to the end of a long hike at the top of the hill. An old man there was giving a riddle, "what is the difference between a spiritual man and a religious man." he chuckled a religious man does what he does all his life to avoid hell, a spiritual man has done that, been there, chose to move on.

4. When body surfing in the Hawaiian islands. Don't try to catch the first wave, those people  smash face and eat sand. Da. Wait for the seventh wave in the set. Ride um all the way in easy. You breath in the now in the right flush of flow, no shapes no sounds of not enough. 
Peace active.

5. So often in my travels through the day, I'm faced to decide about what to do with the traumas -- either forgive now. Or forgive later.  No third choice exist.

6. The island of Kauai has five rivers flowing from Mt. Waialeale to the Pacific. Representing waters for the five contents of the mother earth. She, Kauai, holds the energy of sweet taste to all the fresh water of the earth. Eden's mountain, Waialeale in the north of Kauai, is the source. It' is always raining there at the top. The rivers Waimea= Asia, Hanalei= Europe, Wailua = North America , Hanapepe = Africa, kalihiwai = south America, are facing to flow to all directions of the compass. It is often the year's wettest spot on earth.

7. My daughter has more certainty than me . I've been prodding her to fix her car's back  brakes. She always retorts " I hardly Ever drive backwards. no need for back breaks."

8. Back in 1991 my wife and I helped establish a Hawaiian Salt manufacture. It started in our kitchen. Our Motivation was money for  that year's Christmas presents for the kids. The business has grown really big, Hawaiian Salt Co. commerce's tons of Hawaiian Salt throughout the world annually.  Every light of dawn I ask father sun to send aloha to be in the salt.
Spreading Out  Light. Love.

9. I've swam with dolphins and sea turtles. Protein carnivores, and vegetarians. The plant eating turtles seems to be more the evolved being--- until you meet the shark, then you'll want  to be friends with the carnivore dolphin.

10. I know being at  the banks of rivers of lava rushing to the Puna Beaches in Hawaii. I did stand and kneel under the rain and falling water thunder from the south edge of Niagara Falls. You know the rhythm of the mother, and sap of Pele  .The security of Kwan Yin, and the compassion of Madonna. you know.

11.   Sober and Sane are trances to domesticate any. And the difference between the sane or the crazy is witness's.  I Thank humanity for creating fantasy. We are freedom to think.

12. In Springville  NY,  on Carolina Street at the end. In front of the village water tower. There is a field of elderberry. Maxed huge and plenty elderberry.  Tied to  the roots of those old fruit shrubs  are cannon balls. Rusted, still round.
13.  I have a secret. I know a way to collect love and spread it like ocean's blue. Give so much you receive. This is generosity of, from, and with, and within, my culture. This is the agreement you are experiencing.

14.  Ti leaf fascinates me. This tropical shrub  Planted upside down, grows curly. People wrap their fish in it and oven cook with them. You can also use it to walk on Orange hot lava rocks. Protects the flavor.

15. Hawaiian and Italian blood , are of the same cloth. The word fuck means, exclamation and exultation's. Has nothing to do with sex. We voice what we embrace strait up holy.

16. In another life, past, I was a Gold miner, pick and ax, later, panning in streams.  About twenty six years. I got way plenty Gold stashed For abundant round trips to this space with Earth. The Soul's amenities of discipline flourishes.
17. Early as a Kid, I told my dad, and mom that when I grow up, I wanted to be a comedian,. They  said I  could not  do both. "Choose". I decided two part time.

18. In this galaxy and the next closest  four , the most celebrated dates in time are the births of our children. Courageously luminous and grounded beings, they are  bodacious ambassadors of aloha, evermore.
19. I have two different , very different kinds of friends . Alive. and dead. the dead ones are all and often funny. And the alive ones all love ice  cream. Occasionally, demons fish.  They are  dead, sometimes alive. I state it gracefully clear with who abode self hate. " My name is handsome, and i don't play with ugly". Word shapes will and choice to laugh them off me, off mine off dominions.

20. No book has ever moved me closer to me than the book I wrote. Aloha " wise secrets of Aloha"

21.  At the office I am a Kahuna; a linage trained healer, Hawaiian. My great days in the office are when I  am visited by the cured, the healed, and the loved. Oh, actually that's every day. We, not ever are ashamed of our success. Grace won't have it.
22. The first time I saw fulfillment, I found out about it watching my parents relationship.

23. I can always find the ripest stalk in a field of sugar cane Just by smell.

24.  I am looking for two blades of grass with the same shade of green. It's a life quest.

25.  My God is my woman. She is my nurture, my oasis for my soul. I am her man. We share physical, emotional, and spiritual  orgasmic  experiences and places ..  My wife is the best woman and most loved woman of creation. Our Marriage  domains Genesis: We conceive, Birth and Parent creations in service to the Creator.  We Love each other, we love you.