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Phone Consultation

What kinds of Tools are in this Service?

Uncovering undefined unforgiveness and currents of chaos
can be easy with the Ho’oponopono  way to clear and pardon Karma.
Many peer professionals and experts in the fields of medicine, human resources,
cultural practice and social architecture have found phenomenal results after exposing
their vista to Hawaiian thinking. and Hawaiian relationship solutions.

Personal health care issues in osteopathy, nutrition and oncology.
Therapeutic spiritual trance practices are presented as solutions in these context.

Tutorial bodywork for those looking for the technique in lomilomi to resolve specific, pain with constriction challenges in the spine and limbs. Lots of Support here @ our Halau.

We don’t know how amazing we could be until we think about it in the Hawaiian way.

Payment for service:  Pay now with Paypal
The consult fee, is $175.00  for the initial hour, and $35.00  for every Twenty minutes.

Arraigning consultations
 We have found that having a visual in the conversation
Can really support the communication.   I like  FACETIME, FACEBOOK MESSENGER.  It’s impact
Is good stuff.  Brings an easy flow towards resolution of issues at
hand.  Appointments are made at your space and time scheduled.
You’ll need a secluded space with a computer set up for SKYPE or FACETIME.
Other people may be in the room for the consult, but they are to make
themselves present by acknowledgment and greeting.